Big Ska Band gets signed to Shanachie Records! Tour to follow….

Joining Corey Glover and Lester Sterling to record upcoming album for Big Ska Band. We've already got one ready for release and filmed the video last week at a soundstage in Newburgh.

From Joe Ferry's FB page:

The new single by Big Ska Band feat. Joey Ray & Corey Glover is available on Shanachie Records. Please check the link below. Thank you Michael Corey Dandridge, Alan Jax Bowers, Daniel Kottmann, Neal Spitzer, Vinny Nobile, Jonathan Jetter, Peter Denenberg, Randall Grass, Dave Lewitt, Hanan Rubinstein, Noelle Tannen, Drew Claxton, Christianna LaBuz, Jack Walter, Geena Martorana, Nicole Davis, Alex Hamburger, Mike Richards, Gabriel George Jasmin, Jerry Mack, Nathan Breedlove, Lester Sterling, Chuck Wren, Shanachie Records, Jump Up Records, Sarah & Deltona Recording Studios and of course Joey & Corey. Ya mon, Carry On…

Joe Ferry