My op-ed to NPR:

Op-Ed by Neal Spitzer (elementary school teacher):

I am not a gun owner. I am against the idea of guns altogether and consider myself a pacifist. I feel that my country has let me down in their regulation of guns and the result it has had (incredible access to firearms and their use by people who's mental state is beyond the capacity to know right from wrong). I find that the following analogy would be in concert with my philosophy and tolerance of others opinions:

If I want to drive a Ferrari 200mph, then I have to go to a driving track where it is legal. I can drive my car up to 80mph in some parts of the country, but it is ILLEGAL to drive faster or own a car that isn't street legal. That is the point, I can’t buy a car that doesn't conform to the regulations of our motor vehicle laws. It is regulated to save lives. Why does my neighbor have the right to own an AR15 or semi-automatic gun with bumpstocks for use at his or her discretion? Why should I have to live in an area where people have the right to own guns that aren't made for anything except killing people? Hunters use a single bullet to preserve their meat. Why shouldn't my neighbors be able to own a gun that defends their property, but isn't a killing machine? Our government and the conservative right has convinced people that their right to own own a bazooka is an inalienable right. It is not. When will we learn and admit our mistakes? Other countries took steps to address mass killings by regulating guns. What is the sticking point here in America that makes out lawmakers believe that full access to guns is a positive solution? The proof is in the pudding. My son is 9. I am seriously contemplated moving to another country until the USA can guarantee his safety at school, concerts, the mall, synagogue, etc. At this point, our government has turned a blind eye towards increased gun proliferation using the fake news propaganda that the liberals want to take all their rights away. They argue that guns are not the problem, but that is ludicrous. It is the access to guns in our country that clearly has killed these innocent victims in Newtown, Columbine, Parkland, and so many more. I say clearly, because without the access to guns that are designed for military use, how could this mass carnage be achieved?

I love my country and all the people who create the diversity we call a melting pot. Guns can be a part of that, but gun owners must take responsibility for what is now a serious problem.